Exhibition Ambassador
Mario Kuroba

Mario will escort you to explore the world of heroes through the audio guide and the special TV program for this exhibition (only in Japanese).


Born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 1993.
Semi-grand prix in the 23rd Junon Superboy Contest. The 9th Miyagi Kizuna Ambassador.


Musical Prince of Tennis II (as Eiji Kikumaru)
Musical Touken Ranbu Series (as Mikazuki Munechika)
TV Theater Success So (as Kent)
Musical Romeo and Juliet (as Romeo)

PR Videos

You can see introductory videos of this exhibition on the official website and Twitter.
The narrator is the famous voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi.
Konishi can also be heard on the audio guide. Don’t miss it!

Message from Katsuyuki Konishi:
I served as the narrator in The Heroes PR videos.
Hearing that this exhibition will introduce various stories of heroes with ukiyo-e, swords and sword furnishings of the MFA, I am excited to see this exhibition soon.

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